a thousand storms my new graphic novel.

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John Galliano Fall 2012

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Straight beast mode

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How to train a thief, part 9.

Pressure-plate class ^_^

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I made my first movie with iMovie!!! Starring Tamago aha and oh god it looks really small. This was literally ten minutes ago. For iheartapostates :D


I commissioned the wonderful and incomparable Charlotte of iheartapostates to draw my velvet horror of an Inquisitor, Yvaine Treveylan and as usual, she did not disappoint.  The hair, my gawd, the hair! Look! Look at the detail in her hair!  The pattern on the clothes looks like it’s shimmering in the lights!

If you love your OCs and you love wonderful people who are sublimely talented (not to mention just the nicest person who you could ever want to throw references and money at), then treat yourself to a commission from Charlotte.  Because she’s awesome.


Squee!!!!! Got back my commission of my Gavin Mahariel by iheartapostates!

Look at that cute little starry-eyed goofball! (He’s looking at Zev, obviously.)

Charlotte captured him perfectly. If you are ever looking to commission one of your OCs while she’s got commissions open, you should should totally commission her. You will not be sorry. She is fantastic all around. 

Thank you so so much Charlotte! I love him! 


Amazing commission from iheartapostates of my Saints Row boss, Santiago. So glad I saved my birthday money until she had a slot free. :D


look at my darling loOK AT HIM

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the blu is so lovely and hes so bashful

dont be bashful child youre so pretty

from the lovely charlotte of couuuurse i finally had enough digital money


Succulents under stairs.

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Kosen こせん, sake flask in the form of an Akita dog 秋田, decorative arts, 1930s

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Glowing fungus in dawnlight | ©Robert Strachan

The rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia, has many wonderful treasures, one of the most striking being the spectacular glowing fungus which can be found on late night walks. This photo was taken after a night of quite a few long exposures capturing the otherworldly glow.

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Shimura Tatsumi 志村立美 (1907-1980)

Bangasa to onna 番傘と女 (Woman and Bangasa) - 1960

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